Explorations of Rajayoga and the Chinese medicine for Parkinsons recovery

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A conversation on 7 qualities of soul

The conversation on 7 qualities of soul in the following video is in Hindi. But there are subtitles in English to follow the conversation. Also a summary of the conversation is spoken in English at the end of the video.

Re-emerge your seven innate qualities to reduce your PD symptoms

Many people do not have a spiritual understanding that they are a soul which is an infinitesimal source of non physical energy. However, they understand themselves to be physical beings. As a result, they experience fears, tensions, pressures, anxieties, and other negative feelings and emotions. These affect PD symptoms. These are also the causes of psychosomatic illnesses or…

Exploring felt sense for PD symptoms for healing

I share below how I am using the concept of felt sense for healing along with JWH’s method to step out of pause. I am in very early stage of this practice. I will update on the results of this practice subsequently. Peter Levine in his book “Waking the Tiger: Healing the Trauma”, focuses on…

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