Explorations of Rajayoga and the Chinese medicine for Parkinsons recovery

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How to conquer anxiety, stress, tensions, worries, uncertainties, depression, sorrow and/or fears?

The world is going through rapid changes in business, economy, environment, and (geo)politics. As individuals, we may have challenges  due to ill health, lack of wealth and/or poor relationships. These challanges may lead to anxiety, stress, tensions, worries, uncertainities,  sorrow and/or fears. PD symptoms would aggravate due to these negative emotions.  Practising Soul consciousness, God…

A strange Experience with Brisk walking

I started brisk walking thrice a week from 18-12-2022. I have been walking 6000 steps at approximately 110 steps/minute speed, in each session. As result, I started feeling better and noticed improvements in drowsiness, and rigidity in my right leg and right foot’s two toes. I also improved in cognition. Brain fog was reduced. Because…

Soul consciousness for stepping out of mood swing

For more than three years, I have not faced a mood swing. Yesterday, I had a mood swing after a long time. I  started feeling low due to PD. The questions of how long I should do experimentations to reverse PD symptoms, and how many things I should try,  all of a sudden started to…

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