Soul consciousness relieves some PD symptoms

Very recently, my practice of soul consciousness had become less and irregular. I started seeing irregular tremors in the fingers of right hand. Once I resumed my practice of soul consciousness, I immediately started seeing the diminishing tremors in the fingers. I also saw the quality of the self improving.

You are either soul conscious(SC) or body conscious(BC). You cant be both SC and BC simultaneously. 

For SC awareness, I visualise and experience the self as a soul, different from the body. I also experience the eternity of the self. I view the body as having PD symptoms and the soul does not have PD symptoms. I visualise and experience the soul outside the body. I also experience the original qualities of the soul.

More I realise that I am a soul, more I eperience soul consciousness.  On realising the self as a soul, here is the video by Sister Denise.

Swadarshan Chakradhari

In my recent blog post I shared about world drama cycle. In continuation of the blog post, I am sharing Sister Denise Lawrence’s video on swadarshan chakradhari which is related to the above post. 

Swarshan chakradhari is a Sanskrit phrase. Etymology of the phrase is as follows. Swa means self, darshan means view/realise, and chakradhari means wearer of the discus. The meaning of swadarshan chakradhari is Wearer of the discus of self view/realisation.  The benefit of wearing the discus in the intellect is stability in all situations.