Point awareness for parasympathetic mode

JWH’s concepts of PD recovery are stuck on pause, and self induced pause. Both the concepts are relative to the ideas of sympathetic and parasympathetic modes. All these concepts are rooted in the idea of the self as a physical body.

Parasympathetic mode is also possible when self awareness is rooted in point being. That is, self is seen as a point source of energy, distinct from the body, with the awareness of its eternity, and original qualities like peace, love, joy, bliss, and happiness independent of its physical situation.

Joni Mitchell’s song – The Circle Game

I believe in cyclic time. There is not anything new in what we are going through from a big picture of the scheme of things. We have gone through it countless times. What is happening is divine. The present moment is divine. No cribs. It will repeat periodically. I am detached from it. Such detachment defeats fear and thereby reducing negative emotions/energies.

Joni Mitchell’s song The circle game comes closer to this philosophy. You can search for the song on youtube.