How to face COVID-19 without any fears using Rajayoga?

COVID-19 is spreading all over the world. It also brings with it the fears of death, and uncertainties of finances, job, logistics, health, etc.

Fear aggravates Parkinsons symptoms. SO it is necessary to have some tools of thinking to overcome these fears and uncertainties.

Rajayoga(RY) has an alternate perspective to the self. This is in contrast to the perspective of Western science’s view of the self. As per the latter, the self is body. When body ceases, so also the self. Fear is mainly due to the possibility of the failure of the desire of the self to continue.

RY offers the view of the self as an infinitesimal point source of energy. The point source of energy is indestructible and responsible for consciousness phenomenon. The point is referred to as soul.

So, who am I? I am a driver (soul) in a car (body). I am independent from body.

The independent qualities of a soul are peace, love, and bliss. But I forget to experience these qualities, when I occupy the body, and come into awareness of the self as a body.

Now when I switch my awareness to my true form: an infinitesimal point source, I shall experience my original qualities.

My true form is independent of the physical situations that I am going through.

Basically RY meditation is a practice internalising these concepts. I need to switch my awareness to point consciousness from body consciousness to overcome fears and uncertainities.

Below is a youtube video showing a sample practice of these ideas.

Alternative to Western medicine view on PD

Western medicine views Parkinson’s disease(PD) is due to decay of dopamine chemical producing cells in a certain part of the bran. The claim is there is a progressive decay of the brain cells in that part. Hence, PD is progressively degenerative, and incurable.

For Parkinsons patient such a view is a declaration of life sentence to death. It offers despair, frustration, misery, etc.

Come to the view offered by the Chinese medicine.

PD is due to blockages or disturbances of Qi (pronounced as chee) energy flows in the energy channels (also called meridians) in the body. The blockages and disturbances can be removed. When that happens, you are free from PD.

Disease is a disorder in soul, mind and body

Western medicine focuses on body alone, with a functional view of understanding it for treating the diseases. This approach fails to treat chronic diseases.

So, we need an wholistic view on disease. The view on disease is based on the integration of soul, mind and body.

There are many views on soul, and its relation to the mind. I will share the view of soul and mind from Rajayoga meditation subsequently.

The wholistic view of disease gives a clue that recovey from PD requires fixing certain disorders in soul, mind, and body.

Why do we need to understand about soul?

Dont you want to not aggravate your PD symptoms? Certainly we want to keep PD symptoms not to raise higher.

This is possible when you can stay: Peaceful, Loveful and Blissful.

So how can we experience the above?

The answer is in understanding and realising that you are an infinitesimal point source of energy in your body.

Particle in Quantum mechanics is a carrier of forces responsible for matter. It is not a thing.

So also a soul is a similar particle which is a carrier of forces responsible for consciousness.

The thinking being is a soul, a carrier of forces. It vibrates.

These ideas need a practice. The practice is called meditation. I suggest you use the following video which displays a point for the purposes of practising that you are a point. Please ignore the title of the video. It is irrelevant for the practice suggested here.

See the centrally displayed point in the video to be your self. While doing it, repeat and experience the following thoughts. Give a gap of 10 seconds or more in between reading the following sentences.

I am that infinitesimal point source of energy. I am that being of light. I am that peaceful point being. I am that peaceful point of light. I am that eternal being. I am an eternally peaceful point being. I am that peaceful soul which is a point of energy.

The above is a commentary for experiencing peace. I will separately post similar commentaries for staying loveful, and blissful.