Re-emerge your seven innate qualities to reduce your PD symptoms

Many people do not have a spiritual understanding that they are a soul which is an infinitesimal source of non physical energy. However, they understand themselves to be physical beings. As a result, they experience fears, tensions, pressures, anxieties, and other negative feelings and emotions. These affect PD symptoms. These are also the causes of psychosomatic illnesses or disorders. By the way, 80-90% of illnesses and diseases are due to psychosomatic reasons

Spiritual understanding of the self as a soul, which is a infinitesimal source of energy is the beginning to experience the following seven innate qualities of the self. These innate qualities are self-forms(swa-rups) and are:

  1. Love (prem swarup)   
  2. Peace (shanti swarup)
  3. Bliss  (aanand swarup)
  4. Happiness (sukh swarup)
  5. Purity (pavitrata swarup )
  6. Gyan/Knowledge (gyan swarup)
  7. Power/energy (shakti swarup)

According to Rajayoga, these qualities are innate to a soul independent of physical, social economic or whatever situations.  You may wonder or reject that your innate qualities are possible independent of situations. Suffering or negativity is due to body consciousness.

These innate qualities are suppressed by body consciousness. When you realise that you are a soul,  and stabilise your awareness as a soul, you move away from the body consciousness. Then these qualities naturally emerge from your being.You don’t have to directly deal with body consciousness to experience the innate qualities.

Love, peace, bliss, happiness, and purity are big topics for a discussion. I will not get into a discussion on their definitions. We will deal with the spiritual version of these.

Coming to a few clarifications. Gyan swarup is being an embodiment of true beliefs. One true belief is you are a soul, a point source of energy. There are other beliefs on God, Cosmology, time, history, etc. These are covered in an introductory course on Rajayoga meditation which is taught by Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Organisation.

Shakti swarup is being a source of non-physical energy.

It is important that we reemerge our original qualities/forms to relieve PD symptoms. When we reemerge these qualities, we vibrate at different levels of frequencies. These frequencies affect particles, atoms, cells in the body; and also outside universe. 

 I shared in an earlier post, my experience on the effect of meditation on internal tremors.

To start with, you stabilise your awareness in soul consciousness and then practice an innate virtue. The following affirmations are for stabilising in soul consciousness. You understand and visualise them while affirming them.

  • I am a soul, a point source of energy, distinct from the body. 
  • I, a soul, a point of light, am sitting at the centre of the forehead.
  • I, a soul, am a guest in the body. 
  • I, a soul, am a driver of the vehicle, this body. 

Next, you can experience  an innate quality using affirmations. For instance, to experience love, you can use the following affirmations:

  • I, a soul, am loveful 
  • I, a soul, am love
  • I, a soul, am an embodiment of love

I plan to post meditation commentaries to experience these innate forms, Watch out for these.