Experience: Meditation has direct effect on symptoms

I had internal tremors two years ago when my body was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. When I started Qigong exercises of Howard Shifke 20 months back, these tremors stopped completely.

For the last 5-6 months, there has been tendency for internal tremors. But these were not manifested.

I never had external tremors until recently. Two months ago, when I was sitting in meditation, I could feel the physical tremors in my right leg. These tremors were fluctuating with the fluctuating state of my meditation. When my meditation stage was turning to be good, the tremors completely stopped. When the meditation stage was lowering, the tremors were creeping. I could wilfully control my meditation state by more concentration of the mind. Thereby I could control my tremors.

There was no fear because of the external tremors appearing. I could see the impact of quiet mind on the tremors.

After that event of seeing the connection between the mind and tremors, I experienced less of physical tremors. Whenever these appear, I could control them by focusing the mind on a meditation technique.

The meditation technique that I use is: visualising myself as a point being. I am a tiny point of light. I am peaceful, loveful, and blissful being. I use these thoughts with internal focus to experience their form and feelings.