Soul consciousness for stepping out of mood swing

For more than three years, I have not faced a mood swing. Yesterday, I had a mood swing after a long time. I  started feeling low due to PD. The questions of how long I should do experimentations to reverse PD symptoms, and how many things I should try,  all of a sudden started to bother me. Almost the hopes of recovery dwindled. I began feeling low. Back of my mind a new symptom that emerged was making me despair. The symptom was minor tremors in two fingers of the right hand. This appeared for the first time.

I stopped the onset of negative feelings by forcefully applying soul consciousness. I reminded myself that I am an eternal soul, a point of light, a point of energy. I am different from the physical body. When I stabilised my awareness as a soul, the mood flipped into the qualities of the soul. I am peaceful, powerful, and joyous soul. It took me less than two minutes to get back to soul consciousness. 

Soul consciousness is a tool to beat negative feelings, and emotions.

My Jin Shin Jyutsu experience with PD symptoms

Jin shin jyutsu(JSJ) is a version of mudras to remove energy blockages. For a quick introduction of its practice, please watch the video of Howard Shifke.

I practised jumper cabling of fingers in the above video with some modfications for almost 3 years. The modifications are holding each finger for 1 minute of both hands. The one minute duration did not show perceptible benefits. 

From September, 2022, I changed the duration of holding each finger to 4 minutes from 1 minute. This happened because of practising JSJ while walking for 45 minutes on each day. Within 3 weeks of practising it, I sensed improvements in my PD symptoms of fatigue/brain fog and weak/low voice/speech. My face also started looking bettter with a sparkle.

Soul consciousness for facing drowsiness/tiredness 

I occasionally experience a PD symptom  of severe drowsiness/tiredness. I usually  go to bed and lie down when the symptom is actively manifesting. I will not do any work. The time goes without any productive work as I rest for the symptom to relapse.

The other day, I tried a different thing when the symptom showed up. I experienced more pain when I paid attention to it. To divert the attention, I visualised that I am a soul, a tiny point of energy, standing 3 feet away from my body.  I could experience the self as a point being of energy/light.  As a result, I stopped sensing the pain. 

This technique could be adopted to face fears, tensions, worries, depression, etc.