My Jin Shin Jyutsu experience with PD symptoms

Jin shin jyutsu(JSJ) is a version of mudras to remove energy blockages. For a quick introduction of its practice, please watch the video of Howard Shifke.

I practised jumper cabling of fingers in the above video with some modfications for almost 3 years. The modifications are holding each finger for 1 minute of both hands. The one minute duration did not show perceptible benefits. 

From September, 2022, I changed the duration of holding each finger to 4 minutes from 1 minute. This happened because of practising JSJ while walking for 45 minutes on each day. Within 3 weeks of practising it, I sensed improvements in my PD symptoms of fatigue/brain fog and weak/low voice/speech. My face also started looking bettter with a sparkle.

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