Soul consciousness for stepping out of mood swing

For more than three years, I have not faced a mood swing. Yesterday, I had a mood swing after a long time. I  started feeling low due to PD. The questions of how long I should do experimentations to reverse PD symptoms, and how many things I should try,  all of a sudden started to bother me. Almost the hopes of recovery dwindled. I began feeling low. Back of my mind a new symptom that emerged was making me despair. The symptom was minor tremors in two fingers of the right hand. This appeared for the first time.

I stopped the onset of negative feelings by forcefully applying soul consciousness. I reminded myself that I am an eternal soul, a point of light, a point of energy. I am different from the physical body. When I stabilised my awareness as a soul, the mood flipped into the qualities of the soul. I am peaceful, powerful, and joyous soul. It took me less than two minutes to get back to soul consciousness. 

Soul consciousness is a tool to beat negative feelings, and emotions.

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