A strange Experience with Brisk walking

I started brisk walking thrice a week from 18-12-2022. I have been walking 6000 steps at approximately 110 steps/minute speed, in each session.

As result, I started feeling better and noticed improvements in drowsiness, and rigidity in my right leg and right foot’s two toes. I also improved in cognition. Brain fog was reduced. Because of that, I have been able to talk longer and clear. My voice was also improved.

Strange experience.
One day, I decided not to go for a walking session. Immediately I could see reappearing of the rigidity in my right leg and the toes. On the next day when I started walking, I also noticed the rigidity disappearing. 

The reappearance and disappearance of the rigidity symtom in my leg seem to do with the state of the mind. This means we can defy symptoms by being positive and active. 

3 thoughts on “A strange Experience with Brisk walking

  1. dallanz January 7, 2023 / 11:33 am

    I’ve experienced something very similar just recently


  2. John Feeney January 7, 2023 / 8:04 pm

    Hi Venkat,

    It sounds like your experience here, as well as that in your last post, gave you some good evidence of the psychogenic nature of PD! For me, that kind of confirmation has been extremely encouraging as I continue the recovery process.


    • venkat2036 January 13, 2023 / 12:09 pm

      Thanks John for your comment. Our challenge is to unwind the scripts that cause Stuck on Pause. Looks like we cant be conscious of these scripts. Engaging the relation with the invisible friend is the only tool that we have to turn off SOP.


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