Exploring felt sense for PD symptoms for healing

I share below how I am using the concept of felt sense for healing along with JWH’s method to step out of pause. I am in very early stage of this practice. I will update on the results of this practice subsequently.

Peter Levine in his book “Waking the Tiger: Healing the Trauma”, focuses on felt sense, a concept  introduced by psychologist Eugene Gendlin.  He (Gendlin) describes it as a bodily awareness of a situation or person or event. It is an internal aura that encompasses everything you feel and know about the given subject at a given time—encompasses it and communicates it to you all at once rather than detail by detail. It is not a mental experience but a physical one.

A felt sense for a PD symptom is the physical awareness of the symptom in its manifestation. While the felt sense is experienced, you may find it changing. Go along with the flow. Avoid judging the awareness. Face it as it is. You will be also switching between videhi, ashariri, and nirakari awarenesses of the self, while experiencing the felt sense.

You can refer the felt sense to the invisible friend. As you experience it, you can sense your subtle body. You can visualise the subtle body being energised by the vibrations/energies of the invisible friend. And then, you can visualise the energies flowing from the subtle body into particles, atoms, molecules, tissues, organs of the body to bring healing by bringing order. 

7 day course: Introduction to Rajayoga meditation

Conversations and relationship with invisible friend are a basis of the method for stepping out of pause as per JWH’s approach to Type-1 PD.

The seven day course has a video for each day. Each video is for 25-30 minutes. Please watch a video a day in the sequence. At the end of the course, it will be clearer how to get connected with the invisible friend.

Day 1: Intro to meditation
Day 2:  Who am I?
Day 3: Where do my thoughts come from
Day 4: The source of love and truth
Day 5: Connecting with the divine
Day 6:  Steps of meditation
Day 7: Benefits of meditation