More details on the world drama cycle

Knowing the full details of the world drama cycle, and interpreting the day to day events based on it frees us from sorrows.

The world drama is cyclic. It is real and repeats identically every 5000 years. 

The current world drama cycle began roughly 5000 years ago, ie around 3000 BC. It started with Golden age (Sathyug), followed subsequently  by Silver(Threta-yug), Copper(Dwapar-yug), and Iron ages(Kali-yug). All these 4 ages are for 1250 years. Golden and Silever ages put together are heaven on Earth. In these ages soul consciousness was manifested in human souls. As a result, there was no violence and fighting. All the 5 vices and body consiousness were dormant in human souls. All transactions between humans and animals were based on love.  The humanity had one home in northern India. At the beginning of Golden age,  the human population is roughly 1 million. Gradually the population grew to 30 millions by the end of Silver age. A soul takes a maximum of 8 births in Golden age, and a maximum of 12 births in Silver age.

Copper age roughly began in 500 BC with natural calamites such as earth quakes burying the traces of the earlier civilisation.  Humanity  spreaded to different lands from India. By the beginning of Copper age, body conscousness and the five vices started emerging in human souls.  This resulted in conflicts, poor health and sorrow in Human history. Nature also started giving discomfort due to its extremeties in weather.  Humanity started searching for God, and/or truth to relieve from sorrows. All major religions such as Budhism, Islam, and Chrstianity started in Copper age. Major spiritual/religious scriptures were written in this age. These were a support for humanity for some time. But these religions could not help in stalling the further progress in body consciousness which is root cause of human suffering. Consequently, humanity became more and more vicious. 

A soul takes a maximum of 21 births in Copper Age.

By about 750 AD, Iron age begins. There was more and more sorrow. Happiness through religions decreased. The growth of modern science started giving support. Religions became the major reason for human conflicts and wars. By the end of Iron age, there is a failure of religions, science, and politics to give the happiness and joy. Human beings were burdened with stress, anxiety, fears, uncertainities, death, ill health, and economic problems. Body consciousness grosw to an extreme extent that the idea of soul becomes a strange concept.

A soul takes a maximum of 42 births in Iron Age.

We have reached into the confluence age which is for 100 years starting from 1936AD, and is in the end of Iron age and in the beginning of Golden Age.  We are transitioning to Golden age. 10-15 years are remaining in the confluence age. We are going to see unimaginable and dramatic changes in these remaining years.    

All souls are eternal. God is eternal. Matter is eternal. The world drama cycle is also eternal and is based on eternal inter play of souls, God, and matter. The human civilisation is eternal on the earth. It goes through periodic changes. 

We have gone through the current difficulties countless times. Nothing is new.

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