Why do we need Rajayoga for PD?

Self induced pause is the reason for Type-I PD as per JWH’s research. One of the therapies to step out of the self induced pause is based on engaging a relationship with an invisible force. That is where Rajayoga comes handy with its concept of God as invisible, infinitesimal, point source of non materialistic energy. It/He is understood to be loveful, blissful, and blissful being.

Rajayoga is a meditation discipline. Its unlike other yogas which are mainly physical exercises. It is also different from other meditation disciplines which are also mostly based on focus on breathing, and mindfulness.

Rajayoga is useful to stay peaceful, blissful and loveful. These qualities help release dopamine and then reduce PD symptoms.

Rajayoga is about Self realisation, God realisation and connecting the self to God. Self realisation is a way to realise and stabilise the self in its original qualities: Love, Peace, and Bliss.

God realisation is about realising and experiencing His positive qualities. By the way, as per Rajayoga, God is infinite in His qualities though He is a point source of energy. He does not have any negative qualities.

I will introduce you to meditation practices for self realisation, and God realisation.

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