Practising the innate quality of Love

We have introduced the seven innate qualities of the soul: purity, peace, love, happiness, bliss, power, and Knowledge/gyan.  These can be experienced independent of situations.      

The % to which each of these qualities is full is a factor for disease/illness.  So, we need to experience more of these to stay away from disease. 

In this blog, I show a sample meditation method to practise the innate quality of love. The method can be used as a template to experience the other innate qualities. The meditation practice has the 3 steps/stages discussed in an earlier post.

We adopt the techniques of the meditation discussed in that blog’s video.

We focus on the point in the following image for practising the meditation commentary below.  

Invisible friend

Meditation Commentary to practice:

I am a point of light… I am a point source of energy… I am a soul, a point of invisible light… I am a soul, different from the body… I a soul sit at the center of the forehead. I a soul am an eternal source of energy…  I a soul vibrate with energy… The vibrations of I a soul are spreading across the universe. 

I am a loveful soul… I a soul am a loveful point of light… I am vibrating vibrations of love… I am spreading vibrations of love across the universe… I a soul is eternal, and timeless… I an eternal soul vibrate love… Love is my original quality… I a point source of non-physical energy vibrate love… I am a loving soul…

Now, I leave my body from the center of the forehead and reach far beyond the stars in the sky. I see myself standing in the space of golden red light… I am a point of energy… I am a point of light… I am vibrating love…

Next, I see an invisible point of energy, four feet away from me, a point of light. It is the supreme soul. It is invisible. It is God. It is radiating with love… It is an ocean of love… I a soul sense the vibrations of love from the supreme soul… It is my invisible friend… We are eternal friends… I love the invisible friend. It loves me too.

I a point of energy, am sparkling with love… My invisible friend is also sparkling with love… I talk to my eternal friend. I confide with it my every thought. It also talks to me. 

Now I return back to my body and resume my part in the world.

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