Suitability of Rajayoga’s concept of God for stepping out of self induced pause

Persons with Type-I PD have to step out of self induced pause for their recovery using Method-1 described in an earlier blogpost.

The method requires working with an  invisible, trusted and loving friend with whom a patient can laugh and be utterly honest with his secret thoughts. This friend is located outside of oneself.

The nature of friendship is informal, loving, caring, mutual respect, trust and approachability. Like the relationship of two best friends.

For instance, a patient could ask the invisible friend to palpably hold him  or her or manifest as some sort of feeling or sensation either inside or on the periphery of the patient’s body. The expectation is to feel as if the friend is giving physical comfort or gentle stimulation to some part of the body that wanted support  or maybe feel that the same loving energy that is present in the friend that could manifest inside the patient: a feeling inside.

Rajayoga offers such an invisible friend in its concept of God.

There are many different ideas on God. Some are anthropomorphic and some are non-anthropomorphic. Anthropomorphic God has human physical appearance, whereas non-anthopomorphic God has non human physical appearance. Non-anthropomorphic God can be energy, universal / super consciousness, some thing both or universe.

In an earlier blog post, as per Rajayoga, I introduced that my self is a soul which is an infinitesimal point of non-material energy.

Like a soul is a point source of energy, God is also a soul, but the supreme one as per Rajayoga. So God is the supreme soul, which is also an infinitesimal point source of non-material energy that manifests as consciousness. It is conscient being with its own qualities such as peace, love, and bliss.

For a personal relation, it is referred to He/Him. He is abundant with infinite qualities. He has only positive qualities. He does not have negative qualities like anger, pride, etc.

God is incorporeal, and does not take birth as other souls. He lives up above the visible sky.

Our relationship with God is personal. One can experience any relationship with Him and with equality. He can be your mother, father, brother, friend, etc.

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