Three different self awarenesses to converse with God

People may wonder about conversing with God as a commonly known topic and this is not needed to be taken up. Often individuals remember God in their own physical awareness of the self.

JWH assumes the awareness of the physical body as the self. Using this awareness, two way conversation with the invisible friend(God) is engaged.

But we are going to use three specific awarenesses of self to converse with God as per Raja yoga meditation. These are videhi, angelic, and nirakari. I am using Sanskrit words without introducing English equivalents since I dont have English equivalents for all the three.

As per Raja yoga meditation, self is a soul, a point source of energy, which is non-physical and causes consciousness phenomenon. Based on this idea of the self, we can have the above mentioned awarenesses.

Videhi awareness
Videhi awareness is about having awareness of the self as a point being present in the physical body. In this awareness, there is understanding of point being controlling the physical body. The point being sits closer to the pituitary, pineal, and hypothalamus glands. There is awareness of the self being distinct from the body.

In videhi awareness, we can converse with the invisible friend, who is the supreme soul, God.

I am the master of this body. I a soul, control my body. I am a child of the invisible God. I say I love you Father. He also sees me as a point being, a soul. He responds, sweet child. We continue our conversation while I am in videhi awareness.

Angelic awareness
Angelic awareness is about having awareness of my angelic body, which is also known as subtle body. Angelic body is a form of light that corresponds to physical body. Every organ of the physical body has an angelic version in the angelic body.

I see my angelic body outside my physical body. I a soul sit in the angelic body at the center of the forehead, near angelic pituitary gland. I visualize my angelic body moving far away into the space. There I find my invisible friend. I engage with him in two way conversation.

I will post a separate post on experiencing angelic body using popular rope technique.

Nirakari awareness
Nirakari awareness is about having awareness of the self as a point being outside the physical body. In this awareness, there is only the awareness of the self as a point being. No awareness of physical body or the angelic body.

Nirakari awareness requires more concentration of the mind/intellect on self being a point being.

I see myself as a point being outside the body. I visualise the invisible friend as a point being. And then come into two way conversation with him.

I am yet to explore the differences these awarenesses make in the practice of JWH approach.

2 thoughts on “Three different self awarenesses to converse with God

  1. venkat2036 October 18, 2022 / 9:30 am

    The term God is the most familiar one. But its interpretations vary. In Rajayoga, God is believed to be infinitesimal point source of energy. Talking to God is in the awareness of God as point being.


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