A self commentary for making you powerful

Background: You are having conversations with your invisible friend to step out of self induced pause as suggested by JWH approach for Type 1 PD persons.

To make yourself powerful to relieve tensions, worries, and fears, read the following text at least 3 times.

Today, my invisible friend is seeing me as a carefree emperor. He is seeing me  as a unique emperor. There have been many emperors, but he is seeing me as a unique carefree emperor. 

Now the whole world is worried about one thing or another. From the moment they wake up, they have some worry or other about themselves, their family, their business, their friends and relatives etc., whereas  I begin the day by becoming a carefree emperor and I carry out every task as carefree emperor. I sleep comfortably as a carefree emperor. I have a peaceful and blissful sleep. I have become such carefree emperor.  

I gave my responsibilities to my invisible friend and so I became carefree. 

By considering myself responsible, I have worries. The responsibility is my invisible friend’s and I am an instrument server. My invisible friend is the one who gets things done and I am the instrument doing it.  I have this natural awareness at every moment, so I am a constantly carefree emperor. 

If, even by mistake, I take upon myself the burden of any worry or concern, then, instead of a crown, many baskets of worries come on my head. Otherwise, I am a carefree emperor and constantly wearing a crown of light. 

“There is just my invisible friend and I and no third person” – this experience easily makes me into a carefree emperor. 

So, am I the one wearing a crown or the one carrying a basket of worries? There is such a big difference between carrying a basket and wearing a crown. 

My invisible friend comes and relieves me of the many baskets of burdens to make me light. So, a carefree emperor means one who always remains double light, i.e, both physically and mentally light.

Until I become an emperor, my my mind cannot remain under my control. It is only when I become an emperor that I become a conqueror of my mind. 

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