Body consciousness is the root cause of Parkinson’s Disease

The self awareness as a bodily being is body consciousness. Believing, understanding, viewing, sensing and feeling of the self as a bodily being is rooted in our actions based on body consciousness. The scientific understanding of the self is based on the view of the self as bodily being. It includes subjects like physiology, biology, chemistry, physics, neurology, and psychology of the body. 

JWH discusses 4 neurological modes: 1. sympathetic, 2. parasympathetic, 3. sleep and 4. pause. Because people are unfamiliar with body consciousness as  the self awareness, these modes are understood implicitly without any reference to it. Without it, the sympathetic and pause modes are not possible. PD is due to pause mode or its variants.

Alternative to body consciousness is soul consciousness. Here, soul is understood to be an infinitesimal point source of non-physical energy. The awareness of the self as a soul separate from the body is soul consciousness. Besides, soul consciousness also includes the awareness of soul’s qualities/attributes: eternal, peace, bliss, love, dimensionless, and energy source. 

In soul consciousness awareness, the self feels secure, and safe since it has an understanding of its eternity and it being the master of the body which is a  temporary vehicle that its driving.

The author strongly believes that soul consciousness can be used to come out of sympathetic and pause modes. It is all about flipping the awareness of self from body to soul.  

One can practice soul consciousness  for deeper experience of it, in a dedicated meditation session.  

One  can also practice soul consciousness while performing actions. For instance, a practice of soul consciousness can be: I, this soul, am making a deal with this one. I, a soul, am doing business.

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