Soul consciousness for facing drowsiness/tiredness 

I occasionally experience a PD symptom  of severe drowsiness/tiredness. I usually  go to bed and lie down when the symptom is actively manifesting. I will not do any work. The time goes without any productive work as I rest for the symptom to relapse.

The other day, I tried a different thing when the symptom showed up. I experienced more pain when I paid attention to it. To divert the attention, I visualised that I am a soul, a tiny point of energy, standing 3 feet away from my body.  I could experience the self as a point being of energy/light.  As a result, I stopped sensing the pain. 

This technique could be adopted to face fears, tensions, worries, depression, etc.

Irrelevance of some Neurological modes in Soul consciousness awareness  

Body consciousness awareness is due to internalising the belief that the self is a bodily being. Death of the self is understood to be the ending of the physical body. Hence there is a fear and trauma of the death of the self.

All our negative emotions are experienced by the self in body consciousness awareness. Sympathetic, parasympathetic neurological modes, sleep, and near death trauma modes are also experienced in this awareness.   JWH’s research implicitly assumes  the awareness of the self in body consciousness awareness. Her research is not familiar with the self in soul consciousness awareness.

Soul consciousness awareness is due to practising the belief that the self/soul is an infinitesimal point source of non physical energy and is eternal.  Death is understood to be the self/soul  leaving the body. Hence there is no trauma of the death of the body in soul consciousness awareness.

Many people are familiar with the idea that they are souls. But they are not familiar with the self in soul consciousness awareness. It is practised only in Brahma Kumaris Rajayoga meditation. In deep soul consciousness there are not any negative thoughts and feelings. Sympathetic neurological mode and near death trauma mode are irrelevant to soul consciousness. Practising it  leads to unwinding the script for these modes. Soul consciousness awareness leads to parasympathetic neurological mode. But future research needs to explore the relation of parasympathetic neurological mode, its possible variations and possibly new neurological modes to the soul consciousness awareness.

PD symptoms have a tendency to increase in negative thoughts, emotions and feelings  which are due to body consciousness awareness. On the contrary, self in soul consciousness experiences purity, peace, love, bliss, and power. In experiencing these qualities, PD symptoms have a tendency to reduce in intensity and variety.

Practising the innate quality of Love

We have introduced the seven innate qualities of the soul: purity, peace, love, happiness, bliss, power, and Knowledge/gyan.  These can be experienced independent of situations.      

The % to which each of these qualities is full is a factor for disease/illness.  So, we need to experience more of these to stay away from disease. 

In this blog, I show a sample meditation method to practise the innate quality of love. The method can be used as a template to experience the other innate qualities. The meditation practice has the 3 steps/stages discussed in an earlier post.

We adopt the techniques of the meditation discussed in that blog’s video.

We focus on the point in the following image for practising the meditation commentary below.  

Invisible friend

Meditation Commentary to practice:

I am a point of light… I am a point source of energy… I am a soul, a point of invisible light… I am a soul, different from the body… I a soul sit at the center of the forehead. I a soul am an eternal source of energy…  I a soul vibrate with energy… The vibrations of I a soul are spreading across the universe. 

I am a loveful soul… I a soul am a loveful point of light… I am vibrating vibrations of love… I am spreading vibrations of love across the universe… I a soul is eternal, and timeless… I an eternal soul vibrate love… Love is my original quality… I a point source of non-physical energy vibrate love… I am a loving soul…

Now, I leave my body from the center of the forehead and reach far beyond the stars in the sky. I see myself standing in the space of golden red light… I am a point of energy… I am a point of light… I am vibrating love…

Next, I see an invisible point of energy, four feet away from me, a point of light. It is the supreme soul. It is invisible. It is God. It is radiating with love… It is an ocean of love… I a soul sense the vibrations of love from the supreme soul… It is my invisible friend… We are eternal friends… I love the invisible friend. It loves me too.

I a point of energy, am sparkling with love… My invisible friend is also sparkling with love… I talk to my eternal friend. I confide with it my every thought. It also talks to me. 

Now I return back to my body and resume my part in the world.

Three different self awarenesses to face PD symptoms 

As per Rajayoga, there are three different spiritual awarenesses of the self: 1. Videhi 2. Angelic and 3. Nirakari. PD symptoms can be faced in all of the awarenesses to experience detachment from them. 

Some time ago, I discussed these awarenesses to converse with the invisible friend.

The following visualisation practices will help you to experience these awarenesses. It is better to practice each practice in a different session.

Practising Videhi awareness:

I am a soul, a tiny point of energy, in my body. My place in the body is the center of the forehead. I a soul am a guest in the body. I a soul am like a driver to a car.  I a soul see through eyes, listen through ears,  smell through the nose. The mind and intellect are manifestions of the soul as energy being. I as a soul control the organs of the body using the mind. I am a guest in the body. As a guest in the body, I watch the PD symptoms of the body. I am fearless because I am an eternal soul and distinct from the body.

Practising Aangelic awareness:

Imagine that you are flying in an aero-plane, 30,000 ft above the ground. The plane is passing by white clouds. You jump out of the plane. Your body is weightless. So you are floating in the white clouds. The clouds around you disappear. You are floating with your weightless body. It is made of white light.  It is like an angel’s body of light. Your soul is sitting at the center of forehead in the angelic body. While you are in angelic body, you  imagine dancing. You imagine doing exercise. You imagine walking. You can perform any action. 

Your angelic body is free from PD symtoms. Your watching the earth below. Now you travel to the earth. You reached the room where your physical body is there. You enter the room, and closer to the physical body. You observe the PD symptoms in the physical body.  You are still  in the angelic body. You merge your angelic body with the physical one. You resume your part in the world. 

After repeating the above practice a few times, you can directly imagine your angelic body  outside your physical body, standing in the sky.

Practising nirakari (point) awareness:
I am a soul, a tiny point of energy in my body. I am at the centre of the forehead in the body. Now I leave the body and travel towards stars in the sky. I am a point of energy standing next to the stars. I am a point of light. I am a soul, a star like being in the sky. 

I a soul travel beyond the stars and reach a space of golden red light.  I am a point of light in the space of golden red light. I am a being of light. I a soul dont have PD. The physical body has PD symptoms. I a soul face the PD symptoms in the physical body with the awareness of the self as a point being.

I travel back to the earth and enter the room where the body is there. I a soul am closer to the body. I notice the PD symptoms in the body. I enter the body at the center of the forehead and resume my part in the world.

How to face when your PD symptoms progressively increase?

Your PD symptoms are slowly and slowly increasing in intensity and in variety for a long time. As a result, you may not be able  to independently do daily chores. You can’t drive, you can’t change your clothes, you need help in eating food, you can’t walk, you can’t talk, you can’t write and so on.

Your expectations to be independent are failing. You are becoming more and more dependent. But you don’t want to see yourself  becoming dependent on others. Dependence could be physical, financial and/or emotional.

You may get the question why PD to me? You may not have rational  answers to the question. Because of that, you are frustrated and may be slipping  into depression.

When you aren’t finding the rational answers, a spiritual approach to deal with your PD can be helpful to be victorious to calm your mind, and to positively see your situation. As a result, you will not be suffering  in spite of physical handicaps due to PD symptoms.

The following spiritual beliefs are useful.

Belief 1: I am a soul

Belief 2: God is my invisible friend

Belief 3: I, a soul, am an eternal actor in world drama cycle.

Practicing Belief 1:

I am an eternal soul, a point source  of energy. I, a soul, am different from my body, and am like a driver to a car. The car is my body. PD is to my body, and not to me, a soul. I a soul, can detach from the body. I am a peaceful soul. I am a loveful soul. I am a blissful soul. I am a soul, embodiment of power and energy. These qualities I experience in spite of PD induced handicaps to my body.

Practicing the Belief 2:

God is a tiny point source of energy. I am also a tiny point source of energy. Both of us are same in form. God is my mother, father, friend. I visualize two tiny points two feet away from my eyes. One tiny point is God and the other one is my self. I experience both the points. I , a tiny point, feel the vibrations of God as a tiny point. I also experience God’s healing energy. I pass on the healing energy into my body.

Practicing Belief 3:

I a soul, am an eternal actor in the cyclic world drama. This drama is eternal and repeats identically every 5000 years. Whatever happened, whatever is happening, and whatever will be happening are  beneficial in the  drama. The drama is divine. So also, the PD symptoms. I bless the symptoms for their divine part in the drama. I say thanks to the symptoms for manifesting their divine part in my body. I detach from my body.

I a soul am the driver of the body. The body’s electrical/neurological network is faulty. Because of that PD symptoms manifest. I see my dependence on my partner/others as interdependence. I a soul am playing a part of interdependence. I detach myself from the body and view my part in the drama as an eternal actor.  I have gone through this part countless times in the eternal drama. PD is to my body, not to me, a soul.

Experiencing these beliefs leads to peace, detachment, courage, and patience. You can conquer fears by practising these beliefs.